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  • Technical Error Fixing


Guardian Liberty Voice (GLV) is a global news and opinion website that provides up-to-date news on various topics such as politics, finance, entertainment, and technology. The website faced various issues related to technical errors and poor SEO, which negatively impacted its visibility and ranking on search engines. GLV approached Essense Internet Marketing Agency to fix these issues and improve their online presence.

The Results


Website Traffic


 Bounce Rate


Website Revenue


Website Ranking

After implementing the above process, the results were remarkable. The website's visibility and ranking improved significantly, resulting in increased traffic and revenue. The website's traffic increased by 45%, and the bounce rate decreased by 25%. The website also started ranking for relevant keywords, resulting in increased organic traffic. The revenue generated from the website increased by 50%.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was to fix technical errors on the website that were hindering its performance on search engines. Additionally, the website had poor SEO, and its ranking had dropped significantly, which affected its traffic and revenue. The goal was to identify and fix these issues to increase the website's visibility and traffic.

The Process

  1. Website Audit:

    Essense started by conducting a comprehensive website audit to identify technical issues and SEO problems. The audit revealed the following issues:

    • Broken links and images
    • Duplicate content
    • Poor website architecture
    • Slow website speed
    • Low-quality backlinks
    • Thin content
  2. Technical Fixes:

    Essense's team worked on fixing technical issues to improve website performance, such as:

    • Fixing broken links and images
    • Removing duplicate content
    • Improving website architecture
    • Optimizing website speed
    • Removing low-quality backlinks
    • Improving website security
  3. On-Page Optimization:

    After identifying technical errors, Essense's team worked on optimizing on-page SEO factors such as:

      • Creating high-quality content
      • Adding meta tags and descriptions
      • Improving internal linking structure
      • Optimizing images and videos
      • Improving website navigation

Priorities for the Months Ahead

Essense plans to continue working with Guardian Liberty Voice to maintain the website's improved ranking and visibility. The priorities for the months ahead include:

      • Regular website audits to identify any new technical issues
      • Continuously optimizing on-page and off-page SEO factors
      • Building high-quality backlinks to improve the website's authority
      • Improving local SEO to target the local audience
      • Developing high-quality content to engage and retain the audience
      • Engaging with the audience on social media to improve the website's online presence.