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Vivan Hospital Jaipur, a leading healthcare facility in India, approached Essense Internet Marketing Agency to promote their YouTube videos and optimize their YouTube channel. The aim of the campaign was to increase brand awareness and attract more patients to the hospital.

The Results


Views On The Hospital's Youtube Channel


Average Watch Time


Likes, Comments, And Shares On The Videos


Brand Awareness And Patient Traffic To The Hospital

Essense successfully ran a YouTube video promotion and channel optimization campaign for Vivan Hospital Jaipur. The campaign generated over 500,000 views on the hospital's YouTube channel, with an average watch time of over 3 minutes. The videos also received over 10,000 likes, comments, and shares, which helped in increasing brand awareness and attracting more patients to the hospital.

The Challenge

The challenge for Essense was to create a successful YouTube marketing campaign that would attract viewers and encourage them to watch the videos and engage with the brand. The agency had to optimize the YouTube channel to make it more attractive and user-friendly, while also ensuring that the videos reached the right audience.

The Process

  1. Video production: Essense worked with Vivan Hospital Jaipur to produce high-quality video content that highlighted the hospital's facilities, services, and patient care.
  2. Video optimization: The agency optimized the videos with relevant keywords, titles, and descriptions to make them more discoverable on YouTube search.
  3. YouTube channel optimization: Essense optimized the hospital's YouTube channel with a professional-looking banner image, engaging channel description, and optimized playlists.
  4. Video promotion: The agency promoted the hospital's videos on relevant YouTube channels, social media platforms, and email newsletters to increase the videos' reach and engagement.

Priorities for the Months Ahead

Essense plans to continue working with Vivan Hospital Jaipur to produce more engaging video content and optimize their YouTube channel to further improve their reach and engagement. The agency also plans to explore new promotional strategies to increase the hospital's brand awareness and attract more patients.